CoworkingSpace Toronto

Very Flexible Loft Like 14000 Square Foot Facility with hardwood and slate throughout. Available furnished or unfurnished. Very accessible and near many amenities.

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2nd Floor Boardrooms

area 2ASlate Floors, 11.5ft clear height, exposed ductwork, windows, large area where a 22 seat board table sits (could be up to 8 cubes),lounge area, kitchenette, reception area, managers office/small boardroom, Large glass entrance doors, oversized doors. Depending on the demand for space within the facility, might be able to work this space into common area.

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2nd Floor entrance 2A

entrance to 2AGlass and Stainless steel throughout this loftlike facility. Harwood floors and exposed ductwork add to the warmth of this progressive image facility.

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Main Floor Classroom

ClassroomGlass,Hardwood, slate entrance way to 15 person classroom (up to 3 Available).

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Main Floor Boardroom

Main floor BoardroomVery Flexible Space where this office could also function as shared common boardroom on two larger tenantcies. Or Not. Nice clear height of 9+ ft on this floor.

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Main Floor Entrance

main floor entranceThe main floor consists of several spaces that are shared and can be configured in several ways. From 347 square feet to 2743 square feet to 5448 square feet to the entire floor of 7000 square feet.

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Main floor Salon

call centreLarge 46 ft by 60ft by 9ft high clear span space. Perfect for larger Events of possibly 100-200 people. Similar Salon on 2nd floor.

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